9 types of Bug Bites Types

We all get one or the other types of bug bites. Some bug bites are harmless, and some do make you go to the doctor right away. It is always better to have an idea of what type of bug bite you have. This article will prove to be helpful to decide whether you should try some remedy for the bugs in your home or whether to go to the doctor.

1. Ticks bites

If you live near a wooded area, the bug bites you are getting might be causing due to ticks. Ticks bites and they get attached from your skin; you can get rid of the tick by using a pair of tweezers. Hold it over the head with the tweezers and pull it slowly outwards. You may develop Lyme disease if you have a tick bug, in that situation, go and see your doctor immediately. To identify Lyme disease, it is important to look for a ‘bulls-eye’’ kind of rash on the body.

2. Bites by Bees

That ‘stinging’’ sensation is caused when the bee bites. The experience is quite painful and causes swelling at the site in no time. If you are bitten by a bee, it is important that you take out its sting as soon as possible and seek medical attention. The bee bite can cause severe allergic reaction accompanied by swelling and difficulty breathing.

3. Fleas

No, fleas do not only bites cats and dogs. The identification for the fleas bites is small and hard bumps, clustered very closely. Another sign of fleas bite is extreme itchiness. If you suspect a flea’s bite, you should check your pets, dirty clothing, garbage, rugs and bedding.

4. Lice

So you are feeling an itchy scalp? You should go and check for lice. Lice bite near the scalp that causes itchiness and attaches their eggs to the hair. Lice crawl near the scalp, their eggs are light brown in color.

5. FireAnts

As the name applies, fire ants cause an extreme burning sensation and great pain. The rash can cause the skin to swell for up to half-inch. You can also see some clear fluid inside the rash. These often cause severe itching when their healing process starts.

6. Bed Bugs

In the warmer months you might have noticed small but several bites, close to each other sometimes in a zigzag fashion. These bites are caused by bed bugs. Bed bugs cause blisters and red itchy rashes,

7. Horse Flies

Itchy red bumps are also caused by horse flies. These fly bites are not as painful and harmful as other bug bites and usually go away on their own in a day or two.

8. Mosquitoes

The most common bug bites are by mosquitoes. The bites by mosquitoes are dangerous because it can cause Zika virus. The most common symptoms of Zika virus is red and itchy eyes, fever, muscle and joint pain. It is important to get rid of mosquitoes especially if you have babies and children in your house.

9. Spiders

While spider bites may look like any other bug bite but they may cause pain and a bluish spot at the center of the bite. You must go to the doctor immediately if you have been bugged by a spider, experiencing pain, abdominal cramps, and difficulty in breathing.